Imposter Syndrome Affects Everyone

I’ve been in the Professional IT game for over 7 years.

I finally feel comfortable enough to share my knowledge.

Imposter Syndrome is real.The best way to overcome it is by putting yourself out there. Attend events (User Groups, UserCons, Conventions, online Meetups..etc.)

Be in the Moment -> Shut Up and Listen

I’ve been attending these for years and I think I’ve only asked 2 questions. One was to Mike Foley (pretty proud of myself) and the other was to Emad Younis and Adam Eckerle during presentations at VMWorld (not good). I get SO nervous when I talk in public that I fumble my words and end up crawling back into my shell.

Instead, I try to be the first one in the room and I make my way to the front row so that I can listen without distraction. I’m never the first one out the door. I wait for all the customers to come up after the presentation and ask their questions. My natural instinct is to try and answer their questions in my own head…then…the AHA! moment. You begin to notice that you actually know a lot more than you realize. If these people would’ve just asked you outside in the hallway, they would’ve probably attended a different session or just gone to lunch.

Trust me. I’ve worked many jobs and have met a lot of people. Our vCommunity truly has kind people that are rooting for you. I believe a lot of people have felt this way and people overcome it in different ways. My first step was to become one of the Seattle VMUG Leaders. Please comment with what you’ve done and maybe it can inspire someone.


“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.”
“It’s called the principle of favorability, beginner’s luck. Because life wants you to achieve your destiny.”
  • The Alchemist